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The link between the Morning-after Pill and Hair Loss

The morning after pill otherwise known as the emergency pill has been linked to hair loss in women. Studies have shown that androgenetic alopecia which is a female pattern baldness is prevalent in women using the morning-after pill. Androgen is the male hormone responsible for hair loss in both men and women. Testosterone, a common […]

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What Are the Side Effects of Hair Transplant Surgery?

It is surprising, but true that people from all walks of life today are seeking ways to improve their appearance. Statistics show that in 2014 397,048 procedures performed that’s 28% increase from 2012. Hair implants being one of the most sought after services is gaining more and more grounds and also providing cosmetic and plastic […]

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While there has always been a lot of talk about male baldness, with some men accepting their hair loss while others want to do something about it, we do not actually hear that much about female hair loss, which is actually just as big an issue, if not even more so. Fortunately though, we are […]

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