What Are the Side Effects of Hair Transplant Surgery?

What Are the Side Effects of Hair Transplant Surgery?

It is surprising, but true that people from all walks of life today are seeking ways to improve their appearance. Statistics show that in 2014 397,048 procedures performed that’s 28% increase from 2012. Hair implants being one of the most sought after services is gaining more and more grounds and also providing cosmetic and plastic specialists a platform to amass great fortunes. While others may savor there new look and confidence from hair transplants, others are agonizing from their side effects. Before rushing into this irreversible and costly procedure you may want to look at it’s side effects.


This is a rare side effect, but if it may occur is largely because of the excessive pressure applied on the scalp. Nevertheless, with time the bleeding will subside.

PainThis is one of the most common and temporary aftermaths of hair implants. Fair enough, almost half of the people who go through this procedure don’t feel the need to take pain relievers. If they do, it’s occasionally because of the numbness or itching of the transplant.

SwellingAlmost everyone who has a hair transplant surgery experience swelling on their scalp. In case the swelling spreads around your eyes and forehead consult the doctor immediately.

InfectionsOne of the the most severe side effects that may occur are infections. However, it’s important to note that infections do rarely occur owing to the fact that people are given antibiotics before and after the transplant procedure.

CystsCysts generally do occur at the areas where the hair has been transplanted, also known as the recipient areas. More often than not, they do last for a few weeks.

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